On March 20, 1995, Ray County farmer, Tom Waters, was helping his father hook up a fertilizer applicator when his face accidentally received a blast of anhydrous ammonia, burning his face and severely damaged his right eye.

After eight surgeries on his right eye by several different specialists, including two corneal transplants and an AlphaCor artificial cornea, Tom was referred to Dr. Tauber. On February 1, 2007, Dr. Tauber implanted the Boston Keratoprosthesis in Waters’ eye. Made of clear plastic, this artificial cornea has proven successful in very complex cases worldwide. Before surgery, Tom could see only hand motions. The day following surgery, Tom had 20/80 vision and today enjoys 20/25 vision.

“It has been a long journey. 13 years ago, I wondered if I would ever see out of my eye again. Through many surgeries, I continued to hold out hope and when Dr. Tauber worked his magic, many prayers were answered!”


I have had two corneal transplants since 2005. My first one did not go quite according to plan and several errors were made. I went to Dr. Tauber, he came highly recommended, and he not only did my second corneal transplant surgery but also is doing some of the corrective work that needed to be done. The first time I went into Dr. Tauber’s office, the staff was very friendly and polite and settled my first appointment jitters. When I met Dr. Tauber himself all my fears were calmed, for just like me, the man is a perfectionist. He immediately knew what was wrong and came up with a game plan that fit both my needs and my busy schedule. I was in severe pain all the time and had not ever been able to find a doctor who could fix the problem nor tell me what was wrong, but Dr. Tauber knew and did his best to help me. I am now pain free and on my way to a full recovery. I would highly recommend both him and his wonderful staff to anyone.
Olivia S.


I was at the point of not being able to drive at night or enjoy working in my garden because of poor vision, caused by my cataracts. In July Dr. Tauber removed the cataract from my right eye. It was totally painless and the next day when the bandage was removed I could not believe how vibrant all the colors were in Dr. Tauber’s office.

I would close my new bionic eye (that’s what I called it), and could not believe how dull and fuzzy everything was looking out of my left eye. I immediately wanted to schedule the surgery for my left eye. I am now seeing 20/20 in both eyes and cannot stop telling my family and friends how pleased I am with Dr. Tauber and his amazing staff. Thank you, Thank you for making my life so much brighter. I can’t get the tune “I Can See Clearly Now” out of my head. Thanks again to everyone at Tauber Eye for an amazing experience.
Judy L.


After having complications from a previous cataract surgery I was looking for another eye doctor. Dr. Tauber was referred to me by a retina specialist I was seeing at the time. I made an appointment and was very impressed with Dr. Tauber and his staff. After an examination, Dr. Tauber suggested a cataract surgery in my right eye.

The surgery went great. Due to some insurance issues, I could not go back to Dr. Tauber’s office. I was devastated. We changed insurances and Dr. Tauber was listed on their  list of approved doctors. Needless to say I was so excited and shouted with joy. About a year after Dr. Tauber did my cataract surgery, my right eye was beginning to get fuzzy and it was difficult to see from a distance. Dr. Tauber recommended laser surgery and assured me I would be able to tell a difference immediately. The laser surgery was quick and painless. On my post surgery visit Dr. Tauber told me my eye sight was 20/20! I always look forward to visiting Dr. Tauber because of his professionalism and the rapport that I feel I have with him. I cannot praise Dr. Tauber and his staff enough. I would strongly recommend Dr. Tauber to anyone who is looking for a professional, awesome eye doctor.

My special thanks to Dr. Tauber and his staff,
A Very Satisfied Patient


I had a high confidence in Dr. Tauber’s work when I used to bring a mutual patient to his office visits with Dr. Tauber. So I decided to choose Dr. Tauber for my first eye exam and found out about an opportunity to do things without depending on my eyeglasses. At first we used soft contact lens, which gave me the best vision I ever imagined. Then Dr. Tauber informed me that I was a candidate for Lasik surgery, which would also eliminate my need for soft contact lens. So I had Lasik surgery and it opened up a whole new world for me. A world I can live and see without eyeglasses or soft contact lens. It feels good to wake up in the morning without reaching for my eyeglasses. It has been one whole year and I’m still enjoying my new vision. I have encourage my friends and others to visit with Dr. Tauber for this exciting Lasik surgery and any other eye care needs. I hope I live long enough to have Dr. Tauber do my cataract surgery. I also would like to thank Dr. Tauber’s staff for making me feel comfortable during my office visits.


I always received the best services at Tauber Eye Center. I have been treated nicely by Dr. Tauber and his staff. I am also delighted that I had a chance to be one of Dr. Tauber’s first patients since he begin his practice here in Kansas City. I had surgery on my right eye and now my vision is so much better. Since I was a kid my vision was poor in the right eye and now after surgery I am able to see better than ever. During preparations for my surgery I was given proper instructions and thorough information on my procedure and this made me feel very confident in Dr. Tauber’s decision to give me the best sight that we together could achieve. I would recommend Dr. Tauber to many who are in need of eye care. I highly respect Dr. Tauber and his work.


I have been a patient of Dr. Tauber’s for approximately 5 years. Dr. Tauber performed my last (6th) Corneal Transplant (DSAEK). When you visit his office, you feel the care and concern from all the firm’s staff. It’s evident from the time you check in at the front desk through each technician’s caring attitude. I have always felt your eyes should never be taken for granted, and experiencing the passion Dr. Tauber has for the care of my eyes, I could not have chosen a better Ophthalmologist. Having that comfort, and knowing the extreme care Dr. Tauber takes with his patients, I recommended him to my mother for her Cataract surgery. It went as beautifully as my transplant.


Through this difficult time Dr Tauber has made it easier for me. I have trusted him with my eye care for more than 6 years. I drive 2 hours just to see Dr Tauber.


Dr Tauber wasn’t too sure about performing PRK on both of my eyes on the same day, but being the single mother of 6-year old twins at the time, I decided if I was going to be out of commission for a few days I didn’t want to have to go through it twice. The procedure was painless, the recovery was uncomfortable (for two to three days) and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I wore glasses and contact lenses for about 37 years – now I wear neither – not even to read. I’m a CPA and thus work with numbers and computers all day, so I was definitely worried about the clarity of my sight. It is better than ever.

Thanks, Dr Tauber (and staff)!!
Very Satisfied Patient


Before my corneal transplant, my left eye was useless because of how bad my vision was. After the transplant surgery, which was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be, my vision has shown much improvement and I would like to show great appreciation to Dr. Tauber and his excellent staff!


OMG, where have you been the last ten years of my life? It is amazing what I am experiencing after never thinking I would be able to see again. I’ve gone from no eyesight in the left eye and minimal to totally blurred out of the right eye to being able to see again.

My battle started in 2007 on the left side. I had three cornea transplants to no avail at improving my sight. Around 2010, the sight in the right eye began to fail. At the suggestion of an old classmate who knew my situation and was a patient of Dr. Joseph Tauber, I learned there was a chance to hope.

After some months of preparation and several surgeries, I feel as though a miracle has occurred. Within a week of my last surgery, in which I got an artificial corneal transplant, I can see 20/40 which is enough for legally driving a car. Dr. Tauber has gone above and beyond the call to get me back to a normal life. I truly felt like I was in the wilderness. His knowledge, understanding of me and my hopes together with his dedication resulted in my regaining eye sight. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Tauber and his staff. Looking forward to completing what lies ahead to complete this journey!

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